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Lawnmowers and Rototillers

Pea Seeds Egrow Vegetable Seeds Plant Seeds (60-Pack) - $2.16

Rainbow Rose Seeds Rare Flower Perennial Potted Rose Plant Seeds DIY Garden Seeds (400-Pack) - $1.58


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Egrow Long Pole Bean Seeds Purple Asparagus Beans Vegetable Seeds (100-Pack) - $4.19

Practical Orchard Fruit Picker Gardening Fruits Picking Tool Silver - $13.99


Cucumber Seeds Egrow Vegetable Seeds Plant Seeds (75-Pack) - $2.25

30pcs British Cherries Tomato Seeds Garden Plants Red

Chinese Parsley Seeds Green Plant Garden Vegetable Seeds (150-Pack) - $2.15

Rare Green Giant Taro Seeds Perennial Edible Root Vegetable Seeds (200-Pack)



Triangle Palm - Dypsis decaryi

The Triangle palm is a very unique palm tree that develops a three way branching leaf. It will turn any landscape into a main attraction. Create a center piece with the Triangle Palm and see its true beauty in action. 

This Triangle Palm tree will make a great addition to any home office or landscape. It will give a sense of the tropics with little cost. Its time to go green and buy real palm trees. Palm trees are also great for indoors because they act as a natural humidifier and detoxifier by removing Carbon Monoxide and replacing the air with fresh Oxygen. Real Palm Trees make a home feel like home by giving you the feel of nature inside or out. Buy this palm tree and have a piece of unspoiled nature. 

Windmill Palm Tree - Medium Triangle Palm Tree - Medium Travelers Palm Tree - Medium Sylvester Date Palm Tree - Medium Spindle Palm Tree - Medium Silver Saw Palm Treeetto Palm Tree - Medium Sago Palm Tree - Medium Ruffled Fan Palm Tree - Medium Red Latan Palm Tree - Medium Queen Palm Tree - Medium Pygmy Date Multi Stem Palm Tree - Medium Pygmy Date Palm Tree - Medium Ponytail Palm Tree - Medium Pindo Palm Tree - Medium Orange Crownshaft Palm Tree - Medium Old Man Palm Tree - Medium

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Lawnmowers and Rototillers

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Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project


Chelsea Raised Garden Bed - $179.99

from: Frontera Furniture Company

Multifunctional Sports Drink Bottle Dumbbell Water Bottle (2500ml)

Lycopersicon Yellow Pear Tomato Vegetable Seeds (50-Pack)

Long Shelf Life Vegetable Garden Seeds - Non-GMO Survival Storage

Bucket Of Diy Survival Preparedness Seeds By Everlasting Garden - 16 Varieties By Guardian Survival Gear - $51.73

Food storage is a great way to prepare you and your family for a possible crisis situation. But what happens when the crisis goes on longer than you expect and you come to the end of your food storage? If you‚ve prepared well, it means you‚ll have the ability to grow your own food. That‚s why you need seeds to grow your own crops. Being in the possession of an emergency seed pack is how you last even longer when your food storage disappears. The Everlasting Garden Bucket is a lot different than the seeds you buy at your local hardware store. The seeds in this emergency pack are non-hybrid and non-GMO. They‚re made specifically for survival and never see a single chemical. The easy to use quick start guide makes it easy to plant and can help you yield ¬ĺ of acre in high-yield, replant-able crops. All seeds are packed in a re-sealable packet that can store for 4 years at 70 degrees and much longer in cooler conditions. Includes the following varieties: (2822) Seeds Of Romaine Parris Island type Lettuce (435) Seeds Of Bush Blue Lake Bush type Beans (419) Seeds Of Detroit Dark Red type Beets (2469) Seeds Of Golden Acre type Cabbage (6702) Seeds Of Scarlet Nantes type Carrot (750) Seeds Of Golden Bantam type Corn (76,353) Seeds Of Marketmore type Cucumber (445) Seeds Of Lincoln type Pea (705) Seeds Of Sweet Yolo Wonder type Pepper (882 )Seeds Of Champion type Radish (81) Seeds Of Summer Zucchini Black Beauty type Squash (109) Seeds Of Winter Waltham Butternut type Squash (882) Seeds Of Bloomsdale Long Standing type Spinach (328) Seeds Of Lucullus type Swiss Chard (1764) Seeds Of Rutgers VF type Tomato (2822) Seeds Of Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish type Onion Bucket Of Diy Survival Preparedness Seeds By Everlasting Garden - 16 Varieties By Guardian Survival Gear. Low Price Guarantee - 6 Month Any Reason Refund Guarantee - On Time Shipping - Best Customer Service

Chinese Delicious Cabbage Seeds Nutritious Green Vegetable Seeds Brassica Plants (200-Pack)

snapper mowers

30HP Briggs And Stratton Commercial Turf Series Engine •Advanced debris management system •Full pressure lubrication system with oil filter •Overhead valve (OHV) design for more power; better fuel economy Dual Hydro-Gear® Commercial™ ZT-5400 Hydrostatic Transmission •Cooling fans mounted on top of dual hydros •Elevated hydro reservoir and hydro filter •Each drive wheel has it's own pump and motor 61-Inch, iCD™ Mower Deck •Allows for better airflow, discharge and superior cut quality •10-gauge fabricated (welded) steel construction •Anti-scalp wheels follow lawn contours; prevent damage to turf •Cast iron greaseable spindles Heavy-Duty Chassis •Heavy-duty 2-inch x 2-inch 7-gauge frame rails •Five-bolt pattern wheels with 1/4" solid center wheels

Purple Striping Eggplant Seeds Garden Planting Vegetable Seeds (200-Pack)

NDS/RainDrip R567DT Drip Watering Kit for Raised Bed Vegetable Garden - $16.95


  • Anti-siphon drip watering kit is ideal for -
  • raised bed vegetable gardens
  • Mini in-line drippers for custom placement
  • Delivers better growth - higher yields using -
  • less water - waters up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Includes everything for complete installation
  • Plus Raindrip instruction handbook

snapper mowers

Model Number: PT220840110109 Condition: New Description: ROTARY TILLER 3 Point Hitch Mounted - 60" Till Width Features: 5' (60") Till Width - 3 Point Hitch Mounted - 42 Blade Tiller Please allow 10 days for delivery as this item is made to order Description & Specification: Agricultural/Commercial Heavy Duty 3 Point Hitch Mounted 5' (60") Till Width Rotary Tiller Turn up hard ground quickly and easily with our 42 blade rotary tiller Our heavy duty gear driven rotary tillers are designed to perform with heavy duty gear drives and square tube frames With 6 tines per flange, you get maximum soil mix for preparing planting beds, gardens, incorporating fertilizer, landscaping or other jobs This Category I tiller includes a PTO shaft with heavy duty slip clutch Available in 4', 5', and 6' models Till Width: 5' (60") Number of Flanges: 7 Blades per Flange: 6 Number of L-tines: 42 Requires Minimum 25 Hp Requires Category I hitch Adjustable skids control cutting depth while rear shield controls soil mix 8" maximum cutting depth Heavy duty cast iron gearbox Heavy duty gear drive for dependable performance Vented side gear box operates in oil bath 540 RPM PTO drive Shielded PTO shaft with slip clutch driveline protection Heavy duty square tube reinforced frame with extra gussets Please allow 2 weeks for delivery Ship Weight: 737 Lbs 1 Year Warranty (Includes Parts & Labor) Extended Warranties are available for this unit which will cover this unit for an additional 1 or 2 years - extended warranties include accidental damage and on-site repair (please inquire) Made in the U.S.A.

Arrow Shed RBG44 Raised Bed Garden 4' X 4'

from: Peazz

you can see a portion of my swamp garden project by clicking the image-it looks blurry until it starts!!

It looks really great when you click for full screen!!




Raised Bed Gardening Kits for the backyard and patio gardener plus survival seeds kits containing hundreds of thousands of seeds per order

Water Spinach Garden Vegetable Seeds (60-Pack) - $1.92

farm tractors for sale

snapper mowers

2007 Toro 580-D Groundsmaster 16' cut Mower Equipment Description: This unit just in ..... 16' cut Mower nice clean machine Cab and Air Stereo system Inside light and Fan Water Cooled Diesel engine call 330 844 0171 for shipping quotes & questions High and Low range Cruise control Unit starts right up Runs Great - Decks all work and go up and down without issue

I have been plowing and taking care of vegetable gardens since I was 5 years old!! My grandparents called me over to their house one day ,put a 3.5hp sears rototiller in my hands and told me that if I wanted to eat I would have to get out and till a large vegetable garden behind their house. Since then I expanded to include two more very large vegetable gardens and had to till two of them every day after school and every saturday morning for many years. I was also responsible for lawn mowing on a large yard lawn area. I broke ground for the third garden after I came back from the service in 1972. I had the largest collard and mustard greens patch in the county. The air around our house was pretty much always fresh unless the wind blew from the direction of the swamp a mile away. Since that time I have taken over the management and caretaking of this swamp property and was later given homestead rights to the swamp area by Governor Anne Richards before she passed away September 13, 2006. (I believe that the homestead transaction occured in the early 1990s) I have always taken my responsibilites regarding the caretaking and management of this property very seriously!! Before I started taking care of this swamp area it was a human biological deathtrap!! The air would quite literally eat holes in your lungs and was filled with all sorts of infectious material spreading many airborne viruses and bacteria. I was generally very ill all the time. During the years that there is a lot of rain- I have seen this property under 8-10 feet of flood water. (It is part of the city and county drainage system as the exit point.) I have planted many thousands of elephant ears tropical plants- giant water reeds that someone told me were Japanese Irises- although I am not sure that is what they are- and many hundreds of different color cannas. These plants have not only successfully filtered the air to the point that I can say that I can actually breath the air for the first time in my entire life- but have also helped to filter the water from a dirty liquid tar appearance to the point that where the water flows from the property it is now absolutely crystal clear!! I am proud of what I have accomplished over the past 40 years!! I never received any type of support from the local community or from the state!! I did all of the work entirely by myself!! All of the dirty water that flows from the ditches exiting from the city of Clute and the old city of Lake Barbara is the dirtiest of water that actually violates the State Water Rights Act regarding water quality and the flow of water from one property to the next!! I have supplied the city with a water and air filtration system that will last for centuries if it is left alone!! But the big problem is that a group of unknown persons wait for me to leave the property to go home for the evening and then rush out and steal as many plants as they can carry away!! I know that it is not animals doing this as I can read animal tracks!! I estimate that over the years that over 25 million dollars worth of vital plantlife has been stolen and removed from this property and not one person was ever arrested and no money was ever paid to me in all these years for any of the plants that were removed from this property!! This is a class a felony theft in addition to other criminal violations for water rights and the National Clean Air Act!!

see the next page for new photos of my tropical plant garden swamp project!! Or see this site at

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards



10-in-1 Gardening Scissors + Shovels + Harrow + Mower Blade Set - Black + Army Green - $34.13

from: DealExtreme


snapper mowers

3 or 6 Tier Stackable Vertical Plastic Planter Mini Garden Herb Planter for Indoor/Outdoor Use Free Shipping! Features: Great for indoor or outdoor use! Excellent space saver for your deck, patio, porch, balcony, or veranda Ideal for indoor herb or succulent garden! Each plant pocket has its own drain tray to promote moisture retention while avoiding over-watering Each tier measures 5" H X 15.35" W, 3 tiers stacked are 13.5" tall and 15.35" wide, and 6 tiers stacked are 26.5" tall and 15.35" wide Each plant cell has volume capacity similar to a 1/3 gallon flower pot 3 tier holds up to 10 plants and 6 tier holds up to 19 Product Description: Take your container gardening to the next level with this 3 or 6 tier Vertical Planter. This stackable flower pot assembles in minutes and can be used indoors or outdoors. It collapses just as easily for storage. Save space on your porch, balcony or kitchen by building your garden up! Great for growing herbs, succulents and other small plants. Start your fruits and vegetables in this planter before transplanting to your garden. The three tier stackable planter holds up to 10 plants and the six tier holds up to 19. These planters can be stacked as high as six tiers. Do not stack more than 6 tiers at a time.

snapper mowers

The Husqvarna Zero-Turn Lawn Mower with Pedal-Assist Cutting Deck helps you cover more ground quickly. This oversized, zero-turn mower with 61in. cutting deck includes a highback seat with armrests, plus adjustable ergonomic steering levers to provide a comfortable ride, time after time. Blade Engage Control: Electric, Blades (qty.): 3, Brakes: Yes, Cooling: Yes, Cutting Width (in.): 61, Deck Lift: Spring-assist, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 90 1/2 x 67 x 34 1/2, Cutting Height (in.): 1 1/2–4, Cutting Styles: Finish, Engine Model: Endurance, Folding Armrests: No, Forward Speeds: Variable, Frame Construction: Steel, Engine: Briggs & Stratton, Engine Displacement (cc): 656, Gross Torque: 27, HP: 27, Max. Forward Speed (MPH): 6.5, Max. Reverse Speed (MPH): 2, Front Tire Size (in.): 13, Fuel Capacity (gal.): 3.5, Reverse Speeds: Variable, Start Type: Key, Steering Type: Zero-turn, Transmission: Dual HG ZT-3100, Rear Tire Size (in.): 22, Turning Radius (in.): Zero, Product Style: Zero-turn mower, Deck Construction: 11 ga. steel Powerful 656cc, 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine Dual HG ZT-3100 transmission Rugged, 11-ga. fabricated steel cutting deck Pedal-assist height adjustment for easy and precise deck height settings from the driver's seat Adjustable 1.5in. to 4in. cutting height 13in. front wheels, 22in. rear tires and 6in.W front casters offer a smooth ride that's easy on turf Oversized 2in. x 3in. tube chassis offers superior strength and improved ride quality Removable foot pan offers easy access to pulleys and spindles, as well as easy cleanup

Beautiful Picnic Tables-wooden-cedar-redwood-octagon-circular-trough
classic shapes and sizes

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DavidJWard has been a farmer-a pasture keeper-aquaculturist-and gardener for over 45 years in the BrazoriaCounty-TX  area-I have mowed lawns since I was 5-6 years old-I once mowed over 2000 acres of buffalo grass hay in western Nebraska--driving a 1948 Farmall Tractor with a side sycle cutter-and have been responsible for the care and upkeep on a 200 acre swamp-doing allof the aquacultural planting by myself by hand to filter the water and clean the air-for the past 40 years-with many Native American Indians as my witness-help me to replace a burned home-buy plants from me at this website.

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