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Beefsteak Tomato Seeds

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Beefsteak Tomato seeds . 90 days . Also known as ponderosa red . LARGE , Solid , Meaty fruits with small seed cavities . Indeterminate , Great Slicer ! 200 seeds per package .

This is just one example of what you might find here

This is a listing including most of the varieties we have for sale within our ebay store however at a DEEP discounted price.  Each retails for 3.95! There are 34 Varieties here.  Small, Medium, Large, Cherry, Beefsteak, Round, Oval, Oblong, Flattened, Yellow, White, Green, Orange, Black, Green, Pink, Red, Multi-Colored - This is an AMAZING group and will cover every flavor, size, color you can imagine. Seed quantities range from 10-25 per pack.  Each are INDIVIDUALLY packaged and labeled.  Take a look at our ebay store for pictures of each and descriptions as I am only able to include some pictures here.
Thanks and may your garden bountiful this year! 


Varieties included:
 Orange Strawberry
 Thai Pink Egg
 Cherokee Purple
 Long Keeper
 Green Zebra
 Heart of Compassion
 Orange Russian 117
 Dr. Wyche's Yellow
 Cream Sausage
 Brown Berry
 Snow White cherry
 Super Snow White
 Green Grape
 Amy's Sugar Gem
 Bi-Color Cherry
 Black Cherry
 Yellow Perfection
 Green Doctors
 Indigo Rose
 Vernissage Pink
 Black Pineapple
 Black Ethiopian
 Juane Flamme
 Costoluto Genevese
 Japanese Black Tirfele
 White Currant
 Aunt Ruby's Green
 Garden Peach.

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