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Maize Corn Seed for sale

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maize corn seed

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Seeds: Maize. 50 Cherokee Glass Gem Indian Corn seeds. Very cool variety. Translucent seeds, especially when fresh. Days until pick: ~100 days. Latin: zea mays Once a staple corn of the Aztec people and the Native Americans, this corn can be eaten as a colorful sweet corn when young, or allowed to dry it can be used to make traditional corn flour. Corn seeds will keep for years if dry storage is used. Plant in spring. Needs warm soil and water to germinate. Plant corn in square blocks rather than rows for better pollination. Frost kills corn. Corn, or maize, wouldn’t exist as we know it if not for ancient humans who developed it from fields of ancient grain. Corn as we know it was developed by humans over centuries from a grass called teosinte. (Most people think of corn as a vegetable, but it’s really a grain). Scientists believe that corn was developed by the native peoples living in central Mexico over 7,000 years ago. The natives throughout North and South America eventually depended on maize for most of their diet. Corn spread throughout the Americas and was discovered by explorers from Europe who had never seen corn before. There are numerous varieties of corn nowadays. Most of the corn grown and consumed in America is Monsanto GMO-modified corn with death genes and pesticide genes. Designer Genes in designer jeans, pretending to be corn. Most corn needs high nitrogen. Composted manure makes an excellent base as well as green cover crops like red clover.

Egrow 30Pcs/Pack Yellow Corn Seeds Garden Farm Courtyard Planting Organic Fruit Vegetable Seeds

Rainbow Corn Artificial Seeds Plants Cultivation Circle Maize Rare Color 20pcs Full-bloom Period: summer Type: Blooming Plants Applicable Constellation: Virgo Flowerpot: Excluded Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy Function: Interest Classification: Happy Farm Variety: Flower Use: Indoor Plants Style: Perennial Climate: Temperate Location: Courtyard Model Number: Rainbow Corn Size: Medium Product Type: Bonsai Drop shipping: Yes Features: Nutritional value Ultivation type: Organic Packaging: Packaging Hot items sale: Yes

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