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Tropical Fruit Plants for sale

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tropical fruit plants

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brussels sprout

Lychee fruit is one of the most delicious, very sweet and aromatic. Here in S. Florida, they ripen from mid April through June, one of the earlest summer fruits in our yard. They are tropical so if you live up north - they must be planted in a greenhouse or sunroom. Plant Characteristics Light: Shade to part sun for seedling plant - full sun when establish Hardiness: Tropical, zone 10 and up, Fading away if temps are below 60 degree F, Care: rich soils, water well daily, hot humid conditions Mature Size: canopy tree Space: Habit: Fertilize: please only use organic rich soils, seedling lychee plants can not take fertilizers, will burn its leaves and roots Water: water it daily to keep its soils MOIST at all time, but not soggy Planting Instructions: - Dig hole twice as wide and as deep as the pot - Mix one part soil amendment into native soil of your garden. -Loose plant's root base and place into the ground. Cover loosely. - For best results, use all-purpose balanced plant food.

dragon fruit

DRAGON FRUIT NIGHT BLOOMING CACTUS ONE TEN+ INCHES LONG SEGMENT WITH ROOTS FROM OUR MOTHER TREE FOR GROWING IN YOUR GARDEN BEAUTIFUL FRAGRANT BLOOMS & TASTY PINK DRAGON FRUIT WITH PINK FLESH Dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus), also commonly known as pitaya, strawberry pear and night-blooming cereus, is grown as a perennial vine in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11

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