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If you are looking for a good trailer to haul your tractor with or a new fifth wheel hitch or gooseneck hitch-see this site at and for commercial trailers-flatbed or other-see this sites index at

Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait Granules 24 oz. - $24.89

Amdro Ant Block is an outdoor granular ant bait. Worker ants are attracted to the bait, thinking it's food. They carry the bait back to the mound where they will share it with the other ants. Amdro Ant Block will eliminate entire ant colonies including the queen. It can be used around structures, on mounds and in landscaped areas. Each 24-ounce bottle contains enough bait to treat the average home six times. It will treat carpenter ants as well as 14 other ant species. Consult product label for specific species. 12 oz bottle treats 540 linear feet and 24 oz bottle treats 1080 linear feet.

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With the Titan Attachments™ Category 1 3 Point Disc Harrow, you can easily till up your land to prepare it for planting. The 16” notched discs are perfect for breaking up the ground and ripping through the weeds and unwanted debris. The adjustable height can be set at 20” or 16”. The 4’ model will feature 4 axles of notched discs with 3 discs on each. Each disc will be spaced 7.5” apart. These sealed cast iron caps and spools are greaseable to allow for smooth rotation of the harrow discs. The support frame is constructed using 2.5” x 2.5” steel tubing, which is powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The overall dimensions of the 4’ disc harrow are 48” wide, 45” deep, and 30.5” high. The Disc Harrow is designed to attach to your tractor’s category 1 3 point hitch. The 3.5” long lower lift pins are included and will be 28” apart, center to center. This disc harrow is a must have for anyone looking to turn their soil, break up crusted ground, and control weeds in their field at an affordable cost. HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: The 48” Disc Harrow is constructed using 2.5” x 2.5” steel tubing that is powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The 16” notched discs are made from hardened steel. The 4 disc axles are equipped with cast iron bearing caps and spools that are greaseable. 16” NOTCHED DISCS: The 16” discs are notched to help break up wet, heavy soil with less gumming up and can power through heavier crop debris. These blades are great for land that has not been tilled in the past and are perfect for breaking up weed root systems allowing them to breakdown faster. A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR FIELD: The Titan Attachments 48” Disc Harrow with notched blades is a must have for anyone looking for an affordable way to turn the soil in your field. Break up unwanted weeds and debris to prepare the soil for planting. CATEGORY 1, 3 POINT: This adapter comes ready to attach directly to your Tractor’s Category 1, 3Pt hitch without any modifications, bolting or welding required. Back your tractor right up to the back of the adapter, hook into the top link bar and connect your lower lift pins. It is that easy! DIMENSIONS: The overall dimensions of the cat 1, 3 point 4’ disc harrow are 48” wide x 45” deep x 30.5” high. The notched discs will be 16” in diameter and spaced 7.5” apart. The lower lift pins on the 3 point hitch are 3.5” long and measure 28” apart, center to center. The working height can be adjusted from 20” to 16” by moving the bolted shaft supports higher or lower. FEATURES: - 48” working width. - 16” notched hardened steel discs. - Designed for tractors with Cat 1, 3 Point. - Powder coated steel frame to prevent rust and corrosion. - Lower lift pins are included. - Height can be adjusted from 16” to 20”. - Great for breaking up weeds, roots, crop debris and remainder. - Discs are spaced 7.5” apart. - Discs are concaved to allow them to loosen and lift the soil as it cuts. SPECIFICATIONS: - Weight: 458 LB - Overall Width: 48" - Overall Height: 30.5" - Overall Depth: 45” - Tubular Steel Frame: 2.5” x 2.5” - Lower lift Pins: 28” Center to Center, 3.5” Wide - Disc Diameter: 16”

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The NorTrac® 3-Pt. PTO Rotary Tiller turns up hard ground quickly and easily, using a middle gearbox driving system for more effective work. The 38-blade tiller features a 63in. working width. Requires 30–45 HP max. Some assembly required. Working Width (in.): 63, Product Type: Tiller, Category Type: 1, Blade Type: Rotary tiller, Working Depth (in.): 4–5 1/2, Blades (qty.): 38, Required HP: 30, Hitch Type: 3-pt., Max. HP: 45 Oil-bath gear-drive system for smooth operation Skid depth adjustment and adjustable lower hitch 790mm PTO shaft is a 6-spline input (tractor side) and an 8-spline output (implement side) Includes rear deflector 3-pt. hitch, Category 1 type

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72cc Power Engine 4HP Gas Powered One Man Post Hole Digger 4"+8"+12" Auger Bits Specification: Brand new Type: 2-stroke, air-cooled, 1-cylinder Dimension: approx. 42 x 62 x 26.5cm (L x W x H) Rated Output Power: 3.0Kw Idle speed: 3190rpm Max Speed: 9030Rpm Fuel/Oil mixture ratio: 25:1 Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L Drill bit diameter: approx. 100mm, 200mm,300mm Extension rod: 3pcs x 60cm (approx.) Drill bit length: approx. 80cm Features: Easy Start System Industry-Standard 20mm Auger Mount Comfortable Quality Ergonomic Hand Grips Dual Weighted Crank, Double Ringed Piston (Large Capacity 1.2L Fuel Tank For Prolonged Operation Full Size Heavy Duty and Durable Right Angle Drive Gearbox (100mm 200mm 300mm) Auger Included with 1 Metre Full Length Package included: 1 x earth auger 3 x drill bits 3 x extension rods 1 x user manual (packed with other accessories)

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Horse Hay Round Bale Net Feeder Save $$ Eliminate Waste 6' x 6' Bale 1 7/8" #42 Slow Horse Hay Round Bale Feeder Save $$$ Eliminates Waste Fits a 6' x 6' Round Hay Bale 1 7/8" White Square Nylon Netting #36 We have been in the net business for along time. But it was only after our daughter took a interest in horses that we started making hay nets. The first ones we made were for her horse, an OTTB. The feeder is basically a round bale cover that is made out of netting that completely encases the round bale. This net works great and saves a lot of money and waste. It should double the life of a round bale. Can be used with or without a round hay ring. This is a complete net that will fit a 6 foot high by 6 foot wide (diameter) round hay bale. It has 1 7/8" inches holes which will allow your horses to eat without making a mess of the whole bale. It will slow their hay consumption down by about half, depending on the horse. Horses are known to graze just about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They don't need to consume that much hay. It will also eliminates waste because it keeps them from pulls out big chucks and most of it falling to the ground. The hay net feeder is made from #36 commercial white square nylon netting. Each strand is over 350 pound test. From our experience the horses teeth do not damage this netting. You will save enough money in hay very quickly to cover the cost of the net. The net is reusable over and over again. This net is super easy to install. Just pull the net over one end of your bale. Flip the bale over and tie off the other end with the pre-installed rope. Installing in just 2 or 3 minutes. This net is not recommend for farm animals with small feet such as goats. Their feet may become tangled in the netting.



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265lbs Tow-Behind ATV Tractor Broadcast Spreader Seeder Fertilizer Seed Lawn Yard Need to spread larger yards? Our tow-behind broadcast spreader is ideal for homeowners and heavy commercial applications of 1 acre and larger. Its universal tow-behind hitch fits most lawn tractors so you don’t have to do the heavy work. Use it year-round to apply granular seed, fertilizer, ice melt, and other lawn chemicals. So no matter the season – spring, summer, fall or winter – a Tow-Behind Spreader has you and your property covered.

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Farm Household Animal Chicken Duck Feed pellet Mill machine 5mm 3KW 220VThis machine can quickly make chicken feed, The output is up to 80KG per hour. Grinding disc hole diameter is 5MM. ☛ The feed processed by the machine is smooth and has moderate hardness. The microorganism and parasite can be killed during the process by extrusion. ☛The temperature-change during the process is slight so the nutrition can be contained very well. ☛Voltage: 220V, Power: 3000W. Operation: 1: Add oil into gearbox before start. 2:Double-check the belt and the screws before operation. 3:Clean up the rest after use to prevent damage to the machine. Notice: 1, Iron or stones cannot be put into the griller. 2:Check the elasticity of the belt, and the bearing frequently. Add oil in time when it needs to.

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