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Raised Bed Gardening

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This is a video of my swamp garden project

You can order this 50 plant root cloning system for 259.00 with the paypal button below

50 plant cloning system

Raised Bed Garden Kit 4ft x 8ft x 12in - $265.00

Year round, beautiful ?µFrame It All?? 4' x 8' rectangle 12" high raised garden beds provides added soil depth for a bountiful crop of healthy vegetables and exceptional floral displays, simple to maintain and keep moist. Includes: 3 Anchor Joint 2-Packs, 3 Stacking Joint 2-Packs and 12 Composite Plastic Timbers. This item cannot be expedited (standard delivery only).

Curved Raised Bed Garden Kit - $189.99

Set up a circle raised bed as a focal feature in your backyard and you are sure to draw attention. This Raised bed would also go great around a tree. Measures 10.5 ft. in diameter and 11" high. The raised bed is eco-friendly composed of 40% wood fibers and 60%recycled polyethelene. Installation is a breeze and requires only a screwdriver and mallet.


chicken hatching eggs and hatching supplies click here

You can either make a donation for this environmental project here or you can use this button to make a payment for purchasing plants-just leave a message when you check out at the paypal site-see the photos of the swamp project on the next page

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