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Raised Bed Gardening

My Swamp Garden

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You can either make a donation for this environmental project here or you can use this button to make a payment for purchasing plants-just leave a message when you check out at the paypal site

This project looks incomplete because so many plants
have been stolen from this property that it leaves a lot of blank spaces!!

If you would like to buy some Elephant Ears Plants for a wet area in your backyard-see this site at
This is what all of my tropical plant swamp garden project should look like-full of fresh green growing plants cleaning the air and water-it is really fresh and the water is now coming out crystal clear-it used to look like liquid tar!!

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This is another section of my swamp garden-the drained out lake bed swamp covers over 100 acres-I have done all of the work on this project entirely by myself entirely without help or support from the community or the state.

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This is what one of the sections of my tropical plant swamp garden looks like after someone or several someones has stripped and stolen the plants leaving a nasty smell and a human biological deathtrap behind