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Henhouse Chicken Coops

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Chiquita Banana Tree - Great Dwarf Live Banana Plant If you like the store bought ones, you will like the Home Grow ones even better! They taste so much better than store bought Chiquitas! Chiquita Banana uses this cultivar in most of its production with good reason: it is has a delectable flavor. This is also a great selection for the home grower being that the plant is a dwarf (6-8 feet tall) and while it's not super tall it still produces very large heads of delicious bananas (enough to share with family and friends). This is a Cavendish banana cultivar and it has solid green leaves making it an attractive option for landscaping. It is also wind resistant due to its size. Average mature height: 6 - 8 feet. Soil: Good water holding capacity. Light: Mostly sunny. Zones: 8 - 10. Plants are 3"-8"+ (picked randomly) and shipped in 4" pots and ready to transplant. Chiquita Banana Dwarf Tree Wind resistant due to the size: Dwarf Mature height: 6 - 8 feet Plants are 3"-8"+, shipped in 4" pots and ready to transplant.

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